Lawrence Golan, Conductor/Violinist


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Lawrence Golan's edition of Bach's masterpieces for solo violin combines the authenticity and accuracy of a Scholarly Urtext Edition with the practicality and helpfulness of a Performing Edition. A facsimile of Bach's autograph manuscript was used in the preparation of this edition and the composer's intentions have been preserved to the last detail. Of particular note ... read more at Mel Bay Publications, Inc.



Tchaikovsky’sNutcracker Ballet

edited and reduced orchestration by Lawrence Golan

Spurwink River Publishing is pleased to introduce a new set of parts with matching score for the music to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet. This is a carefully reduced score by Lawrence Golan with an eye and ear for today’s smaller orchestras, but with no sacrifice to the music. Through some clever and meticulous rearranging, all of the original parts are covered. Nothing is left out, but there are fewer wind, brass and percussion parts. The result: ensembles are better able to fit into orchestra pits and ballet budgets!

The matching score and parts are available either for purchase or for rental from

Spurwink River Publishing
96 Wells Road
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107



Lawrence Golan Violin Scale System
Cover photo of the two-volume set, the Lawrence Golan Violin Scale System

Volume One (Major Scales) - BOOK (95989)
Volume Two (Minor Scales) - BOOK (96469)

• based primarily on the scale practice routine of JASCHA HEIFETZ
• includes all forms of double-stops; straight up and straight down with no unnecessary meandering
• includes preliminary double-stop exercises with notes separated
• includes all major and minor scales and arpeggios, plus chromatic scales
• more efficient and clearly laid out than any other scale book
• fingerings that are applicable to repertoire--not merely repetitious patterns that were designed for easy memorization
• all scales completely written out to help develop reading skills
• appropriate for intermediate through highly advanced students

"This scale book tops them all. It's the finest scale book on the market today. I believe it will become the most important book of its kind."
        -George Perlman; Violinist, Composer, Pedagogue

$29.95 for the Two-Volume set plus $10 shipping.


Sheet Music: Fantasia for Solo Violin
by Lawrence Golan

The Fantasia for Solo Violin, written in 1993, was inspired by Eugène Ysaÿe's sonatas of 1924, which in turn were inspired by the unaccompanied violin works of Johann Sebastian Bach, dated 1720. Hense this recording represents the inspirational lineage of a composition spanning almost three centuries. From the opening key signature in d minor, through tonal ambiguity, dissonant tones, and an heroic modulation to the final theme in the key of D Major, three motives lead this programmatic work from an aimless, wandering feeling of despondency to it's triumphant finale.

Available through your local music store.
To order, please call Ludwig Music Publishers at 1-800-851-1150 (S-15 D43)


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