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Ode To Nature: Blu-ray Disc & Audio CD
Label: Albany Records
Released: August 15, 2018
Catalog Num: TROY1713

A collaboration of East and West, Ode To Nature contains a Blu-Ray disc of the performance along with an audio cd. The story is of Blossom, a beautiful and talented young woman with a boundless future. Her artistic gift was dancing and playing the Chinese single-string lute. At age 17, bone cancer struck and Blossom's life was saved by an ampuation. Life that was so promising now is left with only despair. Ode To Nature is about the transformation of the human spirit. It is about Blossom's power over life achieved by combining the five Chinese virtues (righteousness, order, benevolence, wisdom, trust) and the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth). It is her journey to find light admidst darkness and to gain victory from defeat.

Jiaojiao Zhou, composer
Ode To Nature: A Theatrical Symphonic Poem
Lei Ying, single string lute; Jin Tao, brass bells; Wong Pui Ying, violin; Susan McCullough, horn; Miao Yimin, Chinese flute; Ian Wisekal, oboe; Liu Hui, qu zheng; Ann Marie Liss, harp; Liu Fanhe, pipa; Howard Fang, electric guitar; Zhao Xiaoxia, qu qin; Katharine Knight, cello; Matthew Peterson, baritone; Matthew Plenk, tenor; Christiana McMullen, soprano; Will Barksdale, baritone; Jovahnna Borboa, soprano; Lamont Symphony Orchestra; Lawrence Golan, conductor

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