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Lawrence Golan Violin Scale System
Label: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Released: August 1, 2010

Volume One (Major Scales) - BOOK (95989)

Volume Two (Minor Scales) - BOOK (96469)

• based primarily on the scale practice routine of JASCHA HEIFETZ
• includes all forms of double-stops; straight up and straight down with no unnecessary meandering
• includes preliminary double-stop exercises with notes separated
• includes all major and minor scales and arpeggios, plus chromatic scales
• more efficient and clearly laid out than any other scale book
• fingerings that are applicable to repertoire--not merely repetitious patterns that were designed for easy memorization
• all scales completely written out to help develop reading skills
• appropriate for intermediate through highly advanced students

"This scale book tops them all. It's the finest scale book on the market today. I believe it will become the most important book of its kind."
-George Perlman; Violinist, Composer, Pedagogue

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